PAE, Inc Facilities and Lodging Manager Kuwait in Kuwait, Kuwait

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Facilities and Lodging Manager Kuwait


This position is located at Al Jaber Air Base (AJAB), Kuwait. The purpose of this position is to manage the custodial and maintenance for AJAB’s Services facilities.


The incumbent plans, organizes, administers, manages, and serves as the principal custodial and maintenance manager for all AJAB Services facilities to include Lodging DVQ.

Addressing and resolving complaints, grievances, and responding to and taking action on guest and/or employee feedback in a tactful and diplomatic manner.

Escorting and monitoring sub-contract workers.

Focal point for all of PAE- related Services facilities’ AF Form 9 submissions and tracking.

Maintaining and repairing Government owned appliances and equipment items to achieve at least 95% up to 97% of items in working order at all times within each subcategory of item.

  • These item subcategories include, but are not limited to: pinball machines, freestanding arcade machines, popcorn machines; laundry appliances, small household appliances (dorm refrigerators), dorm furnishings; and fire detection/suppression equipment in Services facilities.

Managing the Lodging light bulb exchange program and furnishing all paints, lubricants, and cleaning supplies to service and maintaining the equipment under the PWS

Managing expendable and non-expendable supply and equipment items through stock control, requisitioning, delivery and inventory control.

  • Storing, assembling, breakdown, removing, delivering, and installing machines, appliances, furniture, refrigerators and other recreational and Lodging related items as required.

  • Performing pick-up and delivery of supplies and equipment at scheduled intervals to ensure adequate stock at all dorms and trailers.

Being the focal point for submitting and tracking all work orders for Services facilities.

  • All work requests shall be provided to the Sustainment Services Flight Chief utilizing the standard Air Force work request procedures used by EFSS.

  • Maintaining a system for effectively tracking work requests and their status.

Placing signs or decals either on equipment or in a conspicuous location where the equipment is located which shall contain the service call telephone number for users reporting machine problems.

Responding to all repair service calls within 24 hours with no more than two (2) late responses per month allowed. Customers will place repair service calls when machines malfunction or fail to operate properly.

Notifying Community Services Flight Chief (Pinball, Arcade, and Popcorn Machines) if a replacement item is needed while repair is being accomplished.

  • Notifying Lodging Maintenance for a replacement item to be given.

  • Notifying Lodging NCOIC (Washers and Dryers) if a replacement item is needed while repair is being accomplished.

  • Providing the necessary support to supply the replacement item.

Monitoring re-order levels from ECES and maintaining proper levels of light bulb bench stock in Lodging front desks for end-user needs.

  • Providing used light bulb collection and new light bulb distribution for end-user convenience through Lodging front desks. If the end-user is unable to change a light bulb, the Lodging manager ensures replacement.

  • Replacing any light bulbs under 10 feet from floor level in all rooms and common areas in Lodging facilities if the end user is unable to change a light bulb; the workload estimate for light bulb replacement is 15 bulb replacements per week.

Picking-up real property (fluorescent and incandescent) light bulbs from ECES according to local procedures and distribute to Services or occupant facilities as needed.

  • Providing no more than 10 light bulbs to any occupant facility at any one time. If more than 10 light bulbs are required, submitting of an AF Form 332 to ECES Customer Service to ensure no

electrical problems exist in the facility.

  • Collecting spent light bulbs from residents when issuing new light bulbs; discarding spent light bulbs according to local hazardous waste disposal procedures.

  • Ensuring proper procedures for disposal of light bulbs through contact with ECES Hazardous Waste Disposal personnel.

Ensuring fire detection and suppression equipment (smoke detectors and fire extinguishers) are present and operational in each lodging facility on a monthly basis and serviced IAW manufacturer's guidance (visual inspection of the device and/or maintenance/inspection tag).

  • Retaining copies of all Government provided fire safety inspection reports and notifying the

EFSS Lodging Manager of recurring discrepancies or immediate safety concerns.

  • Replacing light bulbs and batteries in fire detection equipment as required inside/outside the assigned facilities with Government provided tubes, bulbs and batteries within 24 hours of observed or reported failure at least 94 up to 95 percent of the time to ensure safety and protect resources.

“Touching up" walls in the Laundry, Recreation, Fitness, Foodservice, and Lodging facilities that are defaced by markings, chipping, scrapes, or other wear.

  • Requisitioning paint by AF Form 332 and restoring the defaced or worn areas within five calendar days of identification of the defacement.

Instructing Other Country National (OCN) subordinates (directly or indirectly) and monitors their performance in accomplishing assigned workloads as needed.

Planning work encompassing cleaning, maintenance, and repair of Distinguished Visitors Quarters, transient tents, and regular lodging accommodations and facilities.

Create a QA/QC plan/checklist and ensure compliance for TO# 0007, Appendix B items.


  1. Must be a United States citizen.

  2. Must have organizational skills to schedule and track status of multiple work orders, materials,

personnel, vehicles and other items.

  1. Must possess computer skills, Excel, Word, spread sheets, e-mail.

  2. Must possess valid US driver’s license and be able to obtain Kuwaiti license.

  3. Must have Secret Clearance.

  4. Must be medically fit to meet US CENTCOM standards.


An Equal Opportunity Employer. PAE’s hiring practices provide equal opportunity for employment without regard to race, religion, color, sex, gender, national origin, age, United States military veteran’s status, ancestry, sexual orientation, marital status, family structure, medical condition including genetic characteristics or information, veteran status, or mental or physical disability so long as the essential functions of the job can be performed with or without reasonable accommodation, or any other protected category under federal, state, or local law.

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